Take Control of YOUR LIFE!
NOW is the time to
Be the change that you wish to see in the world!

Be the bold, wise, compassionate leader

You know there must be more to life than running around in circles taking care of everyone else’s needs.

You’re a smart, resourceful woman!

And yet, you’ve held back – afraid to ask for what you want.  Maybe you’ve been so busy staying afloat and/or burdened with family responsibilities  & forgot to ask “what would I love?”

You’re afraid that you’ll;

  • Piss someone off  & be called a bitch. . .
  • Do it wrong and fail . . .
  • Be too much. . .
  • Pick the wrong path. . .


These are fears that keep you stuck- the truth is you can’t do it wrong- every experience is a learning opportunity.

If you are feeling shut down and your energy is zapped- these are all symptoms of trying to fit in, INSTEAD OF using your inner guidance (your own navigational system) to guide you in the right direction.

Don’t keep your creativity under wraps. If you’re a woman longing for MORE and looking for a deeper connection to yourself and others- there is a way-  a tried and true path to trust yourself again.

You are the one you've been waiting for

Awaken to your true self & take control of your life! It’s Time!!

You can continue being pulled along by life or-

  • See LIFE AS AN ADVENTURE to be discovered rather than a heavy burden to be endured
  • Learn from your mistakes and adapt new solutions to problems
  • Feel inspired and energized
  • Have a juicy meaningul life to look forward to


LETTING  GO OF THE STRUGGLE of feeling victimized, zapped, judged and/or controlled is a radical act of self-love and one of the first steps TO AWAKENING TO YOURSELF and YOUR QUEENDOM!

Make your life a priority!

Connect to what’s most important to you & wake up to your juiciness & aliveness!



I’m ready to BE THE QUEEN of my DESTINY & Create a life that I love!

While being authentically ME!

Decide + Commit + Action = Purpose-Full Life!


  • 6 LIVE Coaching Calls on 2 Wednesdays a month from 6-7 pm that connect you to your greater purpose, passion & play.
  • 2 Individualized Energy Re-Patterning Sessions that help you clear the blocks to your success, so life quickly becomes easier & expansive.


  • Guided Meditations to open you up to greater possibility thinking, creativity & energy.
  • Powerful worksheets to guide you through the process of  being authentically you.
  • Impactful Videos that guide you towards greater self-awareness.
  • A private Facebook page where you get your urgent questions answered & the support of fellow participants.
“Carrie is the perfect mix of heart-centered wisdom and practical, bold action. . . .She gave me the right tools for planning the big changes one step at a time, then held me accountable for implementing them.”
Megan M.S. - Writer, Teacher, Entrepreneur
``I am still shocked at how quickly my dreams were actually realized. Within a year I had sold my home, moved to a co-housing community and have the man of my dreams. Thank you for guiding me gently into being who I truly am!``
Alicia N.- Group Facilitator
“Working with Carrie has changed my life. I’m now able to remember the things in life that brought me joy-like connecting with horses. Using the skills I learned, I was able to look outside the box, remove obstacles, and become clear on what I want to create and the necessary steps to achieve my dreams. It is possible to live and love the life you imagine. Thank you Carrie!``
Rikki A. - Horsewoman Extraordinaire
 #1 CREATE YOUR TREASURE MAP (& own your brilliance)
  •  Tap into the WISDOM of your body & picture your powerful future
 #2 TRUST YOURSELF (& own your super powers)
  •  Make DECISIONS that allow you to stand in your power
  • Fail-proof strategies to conquer fear and doubt
 #3  CLARIFY YOUR PURPOSE (be an unstoppable force for good)
  • TRUST yourself & your life path
 #4  TAME THE MIND GAMES (Put your mental gremlins behind you)
  • Consistently tap into your self-esteem & INNER STRENGTH
 #5  ACCELERATE YOUR RESULTS (so you can make magic happen!)
  • Access your “own answers” & tap into your intuition
  • Create SUPPORT SYSTEMS that allow you to prosper
 #6  CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESSES!  (& win at the game of life!)
  • Celebrate being AUTHENTICALLY YOU!

My Story

My name is Carrie Asuncion.

I have been exactly where you are- Tired & afraid to change things up, yet yearning for something more. . .

I was hired straight out of college to work for a series of high tech companies in human resources management. After routinely working 60+ hours a week for 12+ years, I was exhausted and burnt out.
One day, I finally woke up! Thankfully, I found the strength & courage and ditched my high stress (great paying) career and went back to school for an advanced degree in Psychology. I was fascinated with expanding our “super human” capabilities- expanding our creativity and consciousness and tapping into out-of-the-box thinking.

I’ve realized that following your dreams is a radical act and It takes bold action. I speak from experience.

Read Carrie’s Full Bio HERE