“I specialize in helping conscious individuals achieve their dreams, discover what’s next in their life, and create a life they LOVE.”

My name is Carrie Asuncion and I have been exactly where you are! Tired & afraid to change things up, yet yearning for something more. . .

I was hired straight out of college to work for a series of  high tech companies in human resources management. After taking on progressively responsible roles, & routinely working 60+ hours a week for 12+ years, I was exhausted and burnt out.
One day, I finally woke up! Thankfully, I found the strength & courage (or was it desperation) and ditched my high stress (great paying) career and went back to school for an advanced degree in Psychology. I was fascinated with expanding our “super human” capabilities- expanding our creativity and consciousness and tapping into out-of-the-box thinking.

Fast forward, in the midst of juggling an active family life, I asked “how can I be of highest service to myself and others, while making good money doing it?” I was guided to go back to coaching -but this time to help heart-centered seekers like yourself, to find more balance and connect to your power AND your joy. Over the past 20+ years, I’ve collected some of the most powerful tools to connect you to LIVING LIFE FULL OUT.

In the process, I’ve realized that following your dreams is a radical act and It takes bold action. I speak from experience.

Recently, I have taken my own medicine and asked, yet again, what’s most important. As a result, I released a long- term marriage that’s been supportive, but a huge distraction.  Through this journey of being a mom, wife, and busy business woman, I’ve gained immense strength from connecting with other empowered women. And I want you to have the same support!

School doesn’t teach you the process of being fully human; it’s up to you to develop our OWN life blueprint. It’s a game-changer! I’ve worked with women from all walks of life-

One of my Goddess retreats to Bali, Indonesia Women who have found greater clarity on their life’s purpose- so they can tap into something bigger than themselves and find meaning in their day-to-day lives & ask for what they need:

  •  connection & support from themselves, from others and a from a higher power- finding the strength to courageously follow their passions;
  •  an abiding trust in themselves which has allowed them to deepen their joy, strength & resilience.



It’s time for you to make yourself & your life a priority! Beat your drum to the rhythm of your own music! It’s simpler than you might think.