Ready to increase your sense of


Are you experiencing:

  • Unexplained pain or other symptoms in your body?
  • Difficulty focusing?
  • Feeling stuck and having trouble moving forward?
  • Sadness or numbness in your emotions?
  • Feeling disconnected?


That’s your body screaming for attention!

Get to the core of what’s dis-stressing you by listening to your body’s messages- so you can live with less stress and more aliveness!

Explore BodyTalk- a SAFE and EFFECTIVE process that addresses:

  • Health and wellness
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Emotional upheavals- Grief, anger and sadness
  • Depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Clearing the path to living into your purpose


BodyTalk quickly and easily releases core issues that have been holding you back. Many have felt relief within 1 to 3 sessions.

It’s a powerful process that helps balance underlying causative factors held in our mind, body and/or beliefs.

It is especially powerful in Stress Management.

Stress distorts the nervous system, activating a “fight or flight” mode.  Persistent stress can result in disruption of communication between different parts of the body, suppression of the immune system and disorders of major systems in the body.  There are many common stressors:

  • Injury or illness
  • Severe or ongoing emotional trauma
  • Financial and/or relationship stress
  • Overwork
  • Poor nutrition and inadequate sleep


Using the latest advances from clinical studies and energy medicine, we reset the nervous system, re-establishing lines of healthy communication within the body.

Here’s a small sample:

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Ready to feel less stress and more balanced?

And create greater success & abundance?

I am currently offering first time Individual 1.5 hour sessions for $111.

Clients have raved:

” Very powerful tool for geting to the core issues that ofen elude the consious mind”.  Shelly B., Acupuncturist

” I am re-awakening to my true nature. . . I am not afraid.. . I am letting go of what no longer serves me and feeling much lighter.” Susan.B. -Business Owner

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