It’s as simple as 1-2-3

Step 1


on your goals and values to discover what lights you up!

Step 2


overcome doubts, fears, and confusion to align with your purpose and passions.

Step 3


connect to ideas, consistency, accountability and resources.

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I’m a life and career purpose coach near Santa Cruz, California. If you’re wondering what you’re *really* meant to be doing with your life and career, you’re in the right spot.

I specialize in helping conscious individuals achieve their dreams, discover what’s next in their life, and create a life they LOVE.

As a seasoned management & life coach for over 20 years, I’ve helped countless individuals, groups, and management teams reach or exceed their goals.   Always looking for cut-through tools for creating a life of meaning, purpose and achievement, I share my advanced studies in Psychology and and my 12+ years working with some of the hottest high-technology companies in Silicon Valley to helping you create greater change to help you connect your purpose and passions to a paycheck.

The first step in making a difference is reaching out.

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Too many women “settle” for a mediocre life, take the next step to make it exceptional.
Let me help you create a life that you love.
Private Coaching


Having a coach is the single most effective way to accelerate your success in your life and your career. Overcome limiting beliefs, clarify goals, and receive the encouragement needed to accomplish inspiring results.



Carrie Asuncion, founder of Keys to Empowerment is an accomplished business facilitator, who helps today’s thought leaders and business owners grow their businesses and develop highly effective and engaged teams.



As a Certified Coach, I offer a number of high-energy, interactive motivational speaking programs that will rev up your team.



Offering retreats in energetically charged areas around the world to facilitate growth, learning, and transformation.

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I have known Carrie for over twelve years. I know her to be of exceptional integrity, thoughtful, wise, willing to own her part of any situation, a true contributor to the lives of others, joyful and committed to the best and highest good of all. She manages to balance her professional life with a rich and busy personal family life and does so with ease and grace. I trust Carrie on all levels, to do and be the best she can be.
Bonnie B. Holistic RN, Living in Balance
Health Care Practitioner and Educator
My experience with Carrie as a life coach and taking her Dream Building Course has changed my life. It is wonderful to watch my spiral of becoming. I was able to remember the things in life that brought me joy-like connecting with horses. Using the skills I learned in the course, I was able to look outside the box, remove obstacles, and become clear on what I want to create and the necessary steps to achieve my dreams. The bliss and sheer joy of working with horses fills my life in ways I never imagined. It is possible to live and love the life you imagined. Thank you Carrie!
Rikki A.
Horsewoman Extraordinaire
Carrie is enthusiastic, sensitive, highly experienced, and knows how to help clients zoom in on their most cherished dream and mobilize the creative energy to bring their dream to fulfillment.
Ledakis C
Freelance Writer & International Conference Interpreter
An exciting and inspirational evening! I can't thank Carrie enough for opening doors I didn't know were closed! I feel light as air and know anything is possible! GREAT presentation!! Ten stars!!
Sapphire G.
Arroyo Grande, CA
Wonderful presentation! So interactive, exactly what we love to do! My intention was to have someone come to their own AHA moment today and I know that happened to more than one. Thank you for your gracious and generous offer of time, energy, wisdom, and passion. It was a delight!
H. Anderson
San Luis Obispo, CA
I am 110% happy with everything about Carrie's amazing group! Carrie has a powerful, yet gentle, delivery method. As someone who has taken plenty of programs over many years, I am actually surprised at how quickly and substantially I am seeing results from the work I did with Carrie. I finally have a clear grasp on my mission and the steps I can take to reach my goals. Doors are opening for me in places that I didn't even know doors existed.
Karen D., The Mindworks Company
Entrepreneur, Managing Partner