As the seasons are changing, it’s imperative that we go within and balance who we are BEing with what we are DOing.

I don’t normally showcase videos from other sources, but I found this short video powerful- reminding us to focus on what’s really important and who we are BEING (all part of living intentionally).

Click here to see a powerful video!

Focusing on who we are BEing is key to rising up to what’s possible- a fact that was highlighted recently as I completed Heart Core Leadership.

It was key to remind myself over and over again, that I am a passionate, connected, loving leader as I helped my teammates do the seemingly impossible- raise over $5K in less than 6 hours to combat human trafficking while simultaneously feeding hundreds of homeless people on the streets of San Diego, with no financial support of our own, funded only by the love and care of our friends, family and local businesses.

I got to get out of my own way- my fear of asking for money and asking for support and throw out the window my limited thinking on what was possible. (can you relate?)

Who do you get to be as you live audaciously into your big ideas?

Take the time to consider this- pick 3 attributes that you are currently living or wish to lean into and send them to me.

Drop me a line and share with me how this lands for you, who you are BEing and/or if you would like support with this. 

Hint: This helps you focus on what’s really important as you squeeze the most out of life and living!

Here’s to your health, wealth and aliveness!


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