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Get Unstuck! & Live Life With Passion

Have you felt like there’s something bigger calling you?

But can’t seem to put your finger on what’s stopping you?

There’s one simple tool that helps to focus you on your bigger purpose- Visioning!

I invite you to sit down and take some time for yourself to connect with what’s  important to you.   Only then can you move your life forward with inspired action.


Click below to listen to guided recording to help you get unstuck:

Visioning is the first step to living life with purpose, enjoyment and meaning.

Contact Carrie at http://keystoempowerment.com/lets-talk/ to explore other tools for living a life you love!

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Thought Gremlins

Are Thought Gremlins taking away YOUR dream?
With Halloween upon us I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about *Thought Gremlins* – those thought patterns that keep us from moving forward in our

Like a thermostat, we can get stuck on set point. We get comfortable. Then, when new possibilities open up, our thought gremlins of dissuasion and/or distraction kick-in and keep us from moving forward. See if these sound familiar.


*When your self-talk tells you “You can’t!”
“Remember what happened last time. . ”
“Yeh but. . .” or some other form of self-talk that inhibits your ability
to move forward in your life:

– Hit the pause button
– Tell yourself- “Up until now . . .”
– Employ the following 3 steps:

– stop telling your story “I can’t . . because . . .”
– lose your fascination with the story
– become incredibly fascinated with what new
are opening up by asking- “What ARE the greater possibilities?”


When the minutia of life suddenly has your rapt

– Ask yourself “What do I REALLY want in this moment? My laundry or my
– Engage with your vision – remember what you want to create – expand on
it. Read it. Speak it.
– Take ANY action in the direction of your dream.

Do any of these patterns feel familiar? Have you been allowing the “Thought
Gremlins” of dissuasion and/or distraction to keep you from your dreams?

Take inspired action today!

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