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Plan for Success- “Looking Back to Look Forward”

Before building a robust plan for success, it’s helpful to take a look back and review your progress and seek out learning opportunities.

Note that as you do this, you’re not limited to strictly business related metrics.  Life is a balance of multiple factors. Consider the following areas, as you answer the questions:

  • Relationships– personal life, family, friends, community
  • Health & well-being– emotional, mental, physical & spiritual
  • Career & creative expression– growth, expression & service
  • Time & money freedom– ability to follow personal pursuits, create comfort & give abundantly

1) Looking back, what were your biggest achievements/ most memorable moments over the last year?

2) What were some of the wisest decisions you made last year?

3) What are the greatest lessons you have learned over the last year?

4) Looking forward, what do you want to do more of?

5) What do you want to do less of?

6) If you had it to do all over again, what would you do differently?

Stay tuned for next steps to designing your Spectacular New Year!

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Get Unstuck! & Live Life With Passion

Have you felt like there’s something bigger calling you?

But can’t seem to put your finger on what’s stopping you?

There’s one simple tool that helps to focus you on your bigger purpose- Visioning!

I invite you to sit down and take some time for yourself to connect with what’s  important to you.   Only then can you move your life forward with inspired action.


Click below to listen to guided recording to help you get unstuck:

Visioning is the first step to living life with purpose, enjoyment and meaning.

Contact Carrie at http://keystoempowerment.com/lets-talk/ to explore other tools for living a life you love!

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Success Your Way: Finding Life Balance

jugglingfruitClarity prepares the path for quicker results– for the “right people, circumstances and opportunities to show up in service to your goals and dreams. It helps you to focus on what’s really important and say NO to what isn’t. Carrie helps you cut through the chaos to get clear and create an inspired action plan. Through this invigorating process you’ll find greater balance in your work/family/ self.  You’ll:

  • Connect to what’s important to you
  • Create an inspired action plan
  • Come away with tools that empower action & diminish distraction

Link to media file -> Success Your Way

This is just the beginning!  Contact Carrie if you’d like to learn other concepts that support you in creating SUCCESS YOUR WAY! These include:

  • Creating a crystal clear vision
  • Facing your fears and doubts
  • Learning from your mistakes
  • Accelerating your results
  • Celebrating your successes


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