Are you feeling it?
Spring has sprung and nature is opening to full bloom…
and yet, like a bud, maybe you aren’t quite ready to fully open up yet, holding yourself back from doing the work to supercharge your life…

Unsure or unable to move forward?
or Swirling around in indecision – afraid to make your next big move?
or just plain stuck?

We all have moments like this – and the sad thing is we can get caught in this wash/ repeat cycle for months or even years-

Beating yourself up with –
“why can’t I just do IT?!”
“what if I do it wrong?”
“I just need more information”
“who am I to think I can do this?”

These are common struggles- I hear over and over again as I work with clients who want to shine their gifts in the world and vote for themselves again.

Here’s the deal – We are the stories we tell ourself–

I can’t!
I should….
I don’t know how…
I’m confused…
I’m not ready.
What would others think if I don’t do it perfectly?

You have a choice…

You can spend years in psychotherapy and/or beating yourself up
take the time to clear your deeper thought gremlins that are stealing your life in just a few sessions.

How do I know this?
I’ve been there- laying awake at night worrying…
when I was working in corporate Human Resources and aching to find something that truly expressed my talents and help people to move forward..
I was in a swirl.. in an unsatisfying marriage where I thought if I just worked harder I could save it.. Afraid to set out on my own – because I couldn’t picture how I could support myself.

I wish I knew then, what I know now …

and yet those were the stepping stones that helped me seek out cut-through tools to help myself and others, get clear, move forward and live a life we love!

I was talking to a client the other day and she exclaimed “it’s time!”
I must take action. I know that it’s costing me a mountain of frustration, millions of dollars and my precious time. I’ve spent enough time holding myself back- I’m ready to step out and share my brilliance! Let’s do this!

Maybe it’s because we’ve been through a year of contemplating what’s important with Covid times, or because it’s spring…

Whatever the reason…
There is something that is propelling you forward to create new beginnings..

Sometimes all you need is a help from someone who has been around the bend and can ask the questions- help you access your own answers, and see what you can’t see to shift things up and start you off on a whole new trajectory to being your confident, go-getter self.

Let’s do this!

I help you pull back the covers on what’s been holding you back, for sometimes a lifetime…

How do I know this?

I’m an intuitive
and I deeply listen to you and your body’s messages….

I’ve been helping friends and clients (doctors, social workers, psychiatrists, professionals, coaches) unlock the limiting beliefs that have kept them stuck – and helped them turn their overcoming stories into their strength.

Let’s uncover your story – and your super power strengths so that you can be unstoppable.

And release what’s kept you feeling stuck- so you can fully blossom.

Take the first step to clarity by scheduling yourself TODAY for your free Super Charge Your Life consult
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I believe in you! Let me know how I can best support you in creating a meaningful life that you love!



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time has come