I’ve been thinking a lot about what we are doing for self-care during these interesting times we are living in. Here’s a short video of a story that hit home, sharing what helped me to see the
importance of taking care of this precious life that we’ve been given.
If you’d like to explore other ways to own your awesomeness –
Join me for self-care tips….
I’ll be sharing a powerful process that quickly identifies what’s holding you back and
allows you to bring in the NEW..
  1. Claim what you want – self- acceptance, calm, joy, confidence, safety, etc…
  2. Release stuckness (shame, anxiety, etc) and insert what you want with tapping
I’d love to share this with you- it’s truly a game changer!
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I’m here to our lighten and brighten your load!  So we can all rise up and live with purpose, passion and aliveness!