Join me to Reignite Your Inner Fire!!
I have a vision for all women… to experience deep connection and support!
This is what Kathy Marcove and I are cooking up for you in
“Reignite Your Inner Fire” – a 90 day journey to throw off the daily grind of overwhelm – an opportunity to create your own first aid kit to remedy the stress and burden of our times and come back to your strong, resilient self with the tools and support of a group of conscious women..
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So here’s my vulnerable share- a reflection on what it feels like to be truly supported by group of women – Let me know how it resonates with you:
It’s like holding your breath..
for a realllly loooong tiiiiiiime
and then finally letting go.
You realize
you don’t have to do it all alone.. 
You have a sisterhood-
a space to hold you.
For times
when you can’t see clearly
& you judge yourself and
everything and everyone around you.
A place
to celebrate
your successes
and encourage you
to be
your best self.
Deep breath!
Allowing the body to soften
and be held
and know our needs are met..
our vulnerabilities seen
and witnessed….
Here —we can relax into knowing-
We are enough. 
In our enough-ness
we see greater possibilities,
access our creativity
gain perspective.
See new ways of doing things.
We shift from being a victim
to victorious
Not being “done to”
but at choice.
Choosing to thrive over merely surviving
I inhale…
allowing life to flow through me,
as a compassionate, loving, passionate woman..
Remembering who I am and
what I love-
Deep connection with spirit, self and loved ones
Time in and on the ocean;
Immersed in nature..
I exhale….
and come back home
to myself.
Living life with gratitude
and abundant blessings!
Join us as we celebrate coming back to yourself as you take a full breath (or a few!!)
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