You know deep in your heart- “I have a larger purpose” 
but the busy-ness of life keeps getting in the way!

You are perpetually pulled to do more –
and forgot to ask “What would I love?”

You long to change lives by creating a profitable, sustainable business!

Connect to what lights you up!

Bring Your ZING:

Claim Your Personal Path to Career & Financial Success.
14 Weeks to Designing Your Business for Profitability

Maybe you’re like Julie, one of my clients...

…who is bright yet couldn’t figure out what her next career steps were. She came to me in tears, frustrated and swirling with indecision. . .

She knew she wanted to make a bigger impact (and a healthy paycheck) but couldn’t figure out how.

For years, she’d been distracted with “the busyness of life” – kids, boyfriend, & social commitments. She’d forgotten to ask “what’s really important to me?”  For years she’d been in service to everyone but herself.

Muddled in self-doubt (am I really capable?) and fear (what if I do it wrong?), she didn’t know where to start. After two sessions, the heavy fog of indecision lifted, and she realized she could use her previous marketing experience to be of service.

After getting clear about her strengths, she landed a powerful role helping underprivileged youth get the education and leadership training they needed to get a leg up. She developed trust in herself and began to believe that she could make a difference in the lives of many! And she realized, she didn’t have to settle for less, and asked for and got two TIMES the salary she was previously making.

You can have this impact and assurance too!

Imagine living your life of your own making & creating a livelihood that supports your unique brilliance! 

Shouldn’t your work be more than just a paycheck?

It’s time you do something you love and use your (God-given) gifts and follow your passions, so you can ALIGN with your purpose! 


You’ll love this program if you’ve been:

  • Feeling burnt out– knowing there’s more to life. . .
  • Thinking “Someday I’ll figure it out!” but that SOMEDAY never comes
  • You know you have more to offer! But you find yourself wrestling with the familiar gremlins of doubt, fear and confusion. Telling yourself “But I don’t know how!”
  • You want greater aliveness! To live a life that reflects who you truly are and what matters most to you!
  • Saying “Enough!- There must be a better way!”

It’s time you take control of your life!


Claim Your Personal Path to Success?

(YES!!- A career defined by you!)

Get your life back

and connect with your passion and aliveness!

Research has shown that when you connect to your purpose & passion you are less stressed, happier and able to live with greater vitality and enjoyment!

(And isn’t that what you want?)

I’ve helped many professionals become the architects of their lives. 

Results? Clients become:

  • More empowered to make choices that fit their definition of success;
  • Develop richer relationships;
  • Greater abundance from livelihoods that are in alignment with their talents and interests; and
  • Improved health, wellness & vitality to enjoy their life!

I want for you to LIVE life FULLY

Because it’s far too easy to get the end of your life and say “what was that all about?” 

It’s your job to…

Claim Your Personal Path to Career
& Financial Success.

No one is going to do this for you. 

It would be a mistake to go back doing the same thing day in and day out and expecting different results — that’s insanity!


Believe me - I know what this looks like! Because it happened to me, too!

Hi, I’m Carrie Asuncion. Even though from a young age I asked “what’s most important?” You see, I was seduced straight out of college by the “big money” and the prestige of working in corporate high-tech as a Human Resources professional & management coach.

Thank goodness I woke up! (Albeit 12 years later!) Thank goodness I had the strength (courage, or was it desperation) and ditched my high-stress (great paying) career and went back to school for an advanced degree in Psychology (what I had always wanted to study) fascinated with expanding our human potential.

Fast forward, in the midst of juggling an active family and advising a few non-profits, I asked “how can I be of the highest service to myself and others and make good money doing it?” I was guided to go back to coaching, but this time to help heart-centered, high achievers, like yourself, find more life balance and connect to your joy. So you can make a bigger impact, too!

I found that school doesn’t teach you the process of being fully human – so it’s up to each of us to develop our OWN life blueprint.

It keeps coming back to what Buddha said:
“In the end these things matter most: How well did you love? How fully did you live?”

You truly live and love when you put yourself back in the equation & create a life that is in alignment with who you truly are.


When you live your life as if it really matters -with purpose & impact- you have so MUCH more to offer!

Let’s make your life (your skills & gifts) a PRIORITY.


  • A livelihood that connects you to your passions, purpose & power! A life where you are playing the main character!
  • Releasing blocks that have kept you stuck
  • Calling forth juicy aliveness as you offer your unique talents- knowing you have made a difference!
  • Live with greater FREEDOM – choosing a life filled with passion, purpose and enjoyment!
  • Making yourself a priority and taking consistent action that moves your career forward.


What are you waiting for?

Claim Your Personal Path to Career & Financial Success.

Live life on your terms & create a bigger impact!

Your Path to Purpose Includes:

  • 7 weekly 60 minute LIVE group coaching calls that connect you to your greater purpose, passion & play (greater aliveness). By the end of our time together, you’ll know what’s important to you and deeply connect with your purpose.
  • Weekly exercises that inspire you to take action, and not just think about it!



  • Guided meditations to open you up to greater possibility thinking, creativity & energy
  • Powerful Videos that guide you towards greater self-awareness
  • A private Facebook page where you get your urgent questions answered & the additional support of fellow participants



  • Personalized 1-on-1 breakthrough session with Carrie to clarify your purpose and tap into your core strengths and values
  • Powerful step-by-step worksheets to build your business and communicate your value

Access cut-through tools and systems that shift your perspective and let the world know you are serious about making a bigger impact.

Hear what clients are saying:

“Carrie is enthusiastic, sensitive, highly experienced and knows how to help clients zoom in on their most cherished dream and mobilize the creative energy to bring their dream to fulfillment.”

Christiane L. -Freelance Writer & International Conference Interpreter
“I am 110% happy with everything about Carrie’s amazing group. Doors are opening for me in places that I didn’t even know doors existed.”
Karen D. -Entrepreneur & Managing Partner -The Mind Works Company
``I am still shocked at how quickly my dreams were actually realized. Within a year I had sold my home, moved to a co-housing community and have the man of my dreams. 

Thank you for guiding me gently into being who I truly am!``

Alicia N. -Non-Violent Communication, Group Facilitator
“Working with Carrie has changed my life. I’m now able to remember the things in life that brought me joy-like connecting with horses. Using the skills I learned, I was able to look outside the box, remove obstacles, and become clear on what I want to create and the necessary steps to achieve my dreams. The bliss and sheer joy of working with horses fills my life in ways I never imagined. It is possible to live and love the life you imagine. Thank you Carrie!``

Rikki A. -Horsewoman Extraordinaire

During our 14 weeks together you will:


Session #1 CREATE YOUR TREASURE MAP (Imagine your clear path)

  • Get clear on your goals & create your powerful vision for your life and business.
  • Choose where to invest your precious time & energy so you get control over your life


Session #2 TRUST YOURSELF (Own your super powers)

  • Confidently make decisions for your highest good & stand in your power
  • Manage confusion & overwhelm
  • Fail-proof strategies to conquer fear and doubt


Session #3 GET CLEAR ON YOUR PURPOSE (Be an unstoppable force for good)

  • One powerful process that eases stress & opens you up to greater possibilities
  • Mine your past for clues to your purposeful path
  • Get clear on your ideal clients so you serve with alignment & joy


Session #4 ACT BOLDLY (Serve with passion!)

  • Craft offerings that work together to make your bold money goal
  • Powerful strategies to get you where you want to go


Session #5 COMMUNICATE YOUR VALUE (Let your light shine)

  • Confidently share your uniqueness so that clients get you
  • Where to find your ideal client


Session #6 ACCELERATE YOUR RESULTS (Make magic happen!)

  • Secrets to accessing your “own answers” & tap into your intuition
  • Overcome hurdles to success – Set up your plan
  • Create support systems that magnetize prosperity


Session #7 CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS! (Win at the game of life!)

  • Celebrate being authentically you!
  • Clarity on what you need to do to take your life to the next level