Hello Friend,

Isn’t life FULL? Doesn’t it feel like time is speeding up and more and more “responsibilities” are being dumped on your already full plate?

You hope and pray that something puts it all in perspective at some point of the day but you end up feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled.

This is what I’ve experienced myself and yet. . .
I’m able to make all work out and find time for a life that I love.

Learn 3 powerful secrets to GET WHAT YOU WANT- $$, Influence, Impact

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Mark your calendar for
Tuesday, December 13th at 6-7pm

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I’ll be sharing with you tools that I’ve paid thousands of dollars to learn and years to master. And you can try out for fr*e:
You’ll learn:
* 3 mistakes that professionals often make that hold them back
* Powerful actions to get clear on your 2017 goals
* Simple yet profound tools to add more meaning to your life.

In summary, you’ll capture powerful tools that help you gain perspective, so you choose where to invest your time & energy and get control over your life.

These are tools that have allowed me to be a busy mother, friend, community member *and* create a business and life that I love.

Working in the classroom in Bali, Indonesia

Join us Tuesday night at 6pm PST to make this your best year ever! Put yourself back in the drivers seat of your life -so you can live with greater purpose, empowerment and pleasure.

To your health, wealth & abundance!