Wanting to create more peace and understanding in our world?

I’ve noticed that life unfolds with greater ease and joy when I remember to live from a place of appreciation and higher vibe emotions like joy and creativity. And on the flip side of this- sucks when I’m angry and feeling less than connected.

I recently found myself in a difficult spot with my teenage son – to put it bluntly we just weren’t seeing eye to eye, in fact we were on opposing sides.  In deep frustration, I reached for a couple tools I’ve successfully used with teams to help move them forward and thought I’d pass want to share the process with you. .

I asked my son if he’d be willing to play with me and come up with some guidelines and intentions to work together.  We’ve done this as a larger family but not for our new normal- with just the 2 of us. He was game- so we launched into creating our guidelines and asked-
“How can we best work together?”
Here’s what we came up with . . .

If only the world would be willing to embrace these guidelines!!

We also discussed our intentions for our team by answering the question. . .
“What would we like to create together?”

We came up with–
* Love and Caring – (which opened up the bigger question of how do we like to receive and give love? So we took the 5 Love Languages quiz – Click here to explore
Love languages quiz)
* Fun
* Learning
* Continuous improvement (not perfection)

Of course each of these areas could be teased out further. . .

Here’s hoping that we can create a better world – with peace and understanding, with these guidelines and intentions.

Imagine what it would look and feel in our homes, communities and businesses  . . .if we took the time to set out what was most important. . .

Here’s to your health, wealth and prosperity!


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I would love to send out ripples of peace and understanding into the world.

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