I’ve been listening to Tosha Silver’s book – It’s Not YOUR Money $$ about creating even more abundance.  I highly recommend it.

She talks about one of the abundance principals that I’ve known about for some time -the power of releasing stuff to allow a greater sense of abundance to come forth. . .

And Oh my Goddess!  is she right.

I’ve been in a massive purging mode as I prepare to move to a smaller home with my son to a co-housing community up the road in Paso Robles.  I’ve been releasing a lifetime of stuff. . . .

It’s been asking myself-
 “Do I love it?” and if not I LET IT GO! 
furniture, possessions (my old wedding ring), a boatload of papers accumulated over the years and my precious books. . .

As a result of this intense exercise- friends have offered their assistance, clients are calling to get clear and move their businesses forward, and I’m feeling lighter as I take off weight, oh and my dating life is taking off. . .

Could it all be linked!?

I share this so that you can ask yourself “DO I LOVE IT?!”  and
IF NOT- what could let go of that would allow you to experience greater abundance and flow into your life.

Take the DITCH IT challenge!

LET GO of something (or a mountain of things) this week that have been weighing you down!

I look forward to hearing from you- Let me know what shifts for you.

Sending immense gratitude to you for BEING in my life!


Business Success Coach and Mindset Mentor

for Busy, Overwhelmed Business Women

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