This month we are focusing on the power of gratitude to up-level your life and business.

Have you noticed that staying in the higher vibration of appreciation makes magic happen?
It lays the field for the right ideas, people, opportunities and just awe inspiring events  to  delight and open us up to greater possibilities.

With that in mind-
I can’t wait to share with you a powerful process that I’ve been playing with called counterfactual thinking.
It’s easier done than explained. but in short it takes gratitude to a whole new level.

If you want the short cut- plug into my weekly Facebook Live on Thursday evening
where we’ll be playing with deeping our sense of gratitude .

Here’s a quick sample – Take a moment to contemplate how fortunate you are and how things could’ve been different if an event or particular person wasn’t in your life. . . Think family, friends, chance encounters, support where or when you didn’t expect it.

My appreciation exponentially grows, when I think about the deep friendships that have supported me through my most difficult times (like my divorce and that whole transition). . .  and how we were in each other’s life at just the right time and provided the mutual support we all needed and how life could have been sooooo different if my friends weren’t there.  It makes me tear up with gratitude and my heart open even more. (if that’s possible!!) to contemplate how we mutually supported each other in just the right way through it all. . .

So where are you in gratitude for life showing up in miraculous ways to support you?

Again thank you for being in MY life!

Here’s to your health, wealth and aliveness!


Business Success Coach and Mindset Mentor