Are Thought Gremlins taking away YOUR dream?
With Halloween upon us I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about *Thought Gremlins* – those thought patterns that keep us from moving forward in our

Like a thermostat, we can get stuck on set point. We get comfortable. Then, when new possibilities open up, our thought gremlins of dissuasion and/or distraction kick-in and keep us from moving forward. See if these sound familiar.


*When your self-talk tells you “You can’t!”
“Remember what happened last time. . ”
“Yeh but. . .” or some other form of self-talk that inhibits your ability
to move forward in your life:

– Hit the pause button
– Tell yourself- “Up until now . . .”
– Employ the following 3 steps:

– stop telling your story “I can’t . . because . . .”
– lose your fascination with the story
– become incredibly fascinated with what new
are opening up by asking- “What ARE the greater possibilities?”


When the minutia of life suddenly has your rapt

– Ask yourself “What do I REALLY want in this moment? My laundry or my
– Engage with your vision – remember what you want to create – expand on
it. Read it. Speak it.
– Take ANY action in the direction of your dream.

Do any of these patterns feel familiar? Have you been allowing the “Thought
Gremlins” of dissuasion and/or distraction to keep you from your dreams?

Take inspired action today!