Let’s explore 10 ways that you may be giving your power away… and ways in which you can transform your life with Juicy Aliveness!

SAYING YES TO THINGS THAT AREN’T IN YOUR BEST INTEREST:  Whether it’s too much alcohol, excessive gaming, binging on social media or TV, or people pleasing.  Spending your precious time with those things that are NOT in alignment with your goals or values is toxic. Say NO! Commit to what’s more important- Choose YOUR LIFE*

EXCESSIVE WORRYING: Will they like me? Will this piss someone off? Will I fail? Will I succeed? Do I have enough experience? Sufficient education? Am I too young? Too old? Instead ask- What is one small action that I CAN take, that will move me further along my path?  What gives me joy? Take inspired action on your intentions! Get clear on what you want to create- Imagine a life that feeds your soul. *

NOT ASKING FOR WHAT YOU NEED: You will never get what you want, if you aren’t first clear what you desire.  Get clear on your intentions, so you can ask for what you need… Remember, you don’t need to do everything – Pick and choose what feels fulfilling, and then ask for support with the rest.  Ask for what you need (simple, but not always easy- ask me how!). *

WASTING ENERGY ON THE SMALL STUFF:  Until you get clear on what’s most important to you- your big rocks –you will continue to be overwhelmed by a boatload of minutia (often what OTHERS deem important) and never meet YOUR goals. Get clear on your big rocks!*

INDECISIVENESS: Pondering every which way you could go, afraid to make decisions because you don’t trust yourself and then making yourself bad and wrong for not making a decision (crazy huh?) First, figure out what’s most important to you- your top 3-5 values so you can confidently make decisions that are in your and your team’s/ family’s best interest. *

PROCRASTINATION: Putting off for tomorrow, which you can do today, because it feels too big, or you don’t have enough information. Break it into small actionable steps that can be done in 20 minutes or less. Get an accountability buddy to help move things along. *

PERFECTIONISM: Spending a huge amount of time trying to get something to look just rightGet comfortable knowing that your first version is good enough.  Know that what you offer is good enough.*

DOING THE SAME THING EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS (the Definition of insanity): Pause and ask yourself is this getting me the results that I desire?  If not, how can I do this in a way that reflects my highest values and intentions.*

OVER-ANALYZING SITUATIONS: Spending a huge amount of time pondering– Am I ready? What else do I need to do to be prepared? Will it take too much time? Take a small step in the direction of your goals and intentions. What’s the first step to breaking the log jam? Research your options.  Ask for help.  Take action.*

RESCUING: Do you find yourself fixing situations that either don’t need fixing or rescuing others? Instead ask empowered questions of those around you- “What can YOU do to improve your situation? What resources are available to you?” *

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