Grateful for YOU! 
and your ability to live, thrive and connect to what light’s you up!

I’m having so much fun with gratitude and appreciation this month….

Did you know that just 5 minutes of gratitude journaling each day can have a huge impact  on your life?

Studies have shown that gratitude helps with health and well-being and being a better manager – helping you network, increase productivity and decision making and increases optimism and resiliency too (and who couldn’t use a little more of that??)

In essence, it sets our perception filter so we are on the look out for more good. . .
How powerful is that?!

And even though I’m the eternal optimist- this is a great reminder that there’s always good to be had.

You may already have an active gratitude practice, and yet consider playing with a couple of the prompts I use every morning from Jeanna Gabelinni’s Prosperity Principles. They have powerfully transformed my life. .

* List 5 pieces of evidence that you are on the right path. . . 
For example, last week, I was appreciating that I have clients who love the work that we are doing and
generously refer clients to me.

* List 5 things that you appreciate about your life & biz. . . 
-Last week I was appreciating that I get to work with bright, motivated, conscious men and women
who are making the world a better place.
-And I can be of service and make good money working flexible hours that allow me to indulge in self care
practices- regular exercise, massages, and dinners with friends and business associaties.

What are you appreciating?  
And what are “God’s breadcrumbs” that are showing you you’re on the right path?