What’s NEXT for you? 
Here’s the thing…
You can continue to figure things out with your head alone…
or engage your whole body awareness and the power of collaboration to find your answers.. 
That’s how I’ve been helping heart-centered professionals over the past 20 years.
Last week during a money mastermind, I offered a meditation to help create new possibilities and clarity around next steps to create abundance.  The answers were creative, out-of-the-box and collaborative (building on each other’s ideas)….
Here’s are just a few of the creative ideas that surfaced-
* Run a Q &A webinar to poll audience on biggest issues to address
* Create packages (rather than single/small offering) that appeal to your client base
* How to dial in messaging with words and images that attract ideal client
* Identify re-occuring passive income
* Ideas on asking for referrals
Now it’s your turn.. Find something that you’d like clarity on
(ie., How can I create an additional $5K this month) and use the following heart-storming process to find your own answers. ..
Let me know what surfaces and what’s next for you…