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Victim or Victor!?

Have you ever struggled to turn something difficult into something empowering?

I was sitting with a friend the other day – and listening to a long list of struggles and it occured to me –

We have choices about the stories that we tell ourselves-

We can either see ourselves as victims of circumstance or
the heroines of our own drama. . .

A personal example is my recent divorce after 27+ years of marriage.
Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t all been flowers and rainbows, but I’d much rather be where I am today- with my own beautiful place, that’s free from antagonism and lies.  And the bonus is that in the process,  I’ve learned a boatload about myself- setting clear boundaries, how to be financially responsible, how to ask for and admit I need sometimes.

As a result, I’ve become a freedom fighter (and I imagine that you might be one too!?)

Reflecting back, here’s what stands out-
– Rememberting to ask “what lights me up?
– Finding my clear YES and my Hell NO (Hint: if it’s not a YES –  it’s a NO)
– And accepting that some days are just going to be difficult, to feel it and then remember
“why be unhappy if it can be remedied?” and “what is the use of being unhappy with what cannot be remedied?”

Each moment we are at choice- 
what we put in our bodies, who we hang out with and how we spend our time and
how we see ourselves.             

What story are you telling yourself?  Are you a victim or a victor?

If you’d like to shift that around- let’s talk.  Email me at Carrie@KeysToEmpowerment.com  to schedule  time to take your next steps to juicy aliveness and fearlessness.

I believe in you!

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Why Retreat?

Get out of your element and stretch your possibility thinking!

Explore inner and outer terrain and come face-to-face with your delight.  Uncover what stands between you and your desired goals.  

This is what going on retreat is about.

Hitting the pause button, so you can take a deeper dive into who you are and what lights you up.  Take the opportunity to clear blocks to your success while getting clarity on your next steps!

Going on retreat allows you to find the strength and resiliency to take leaps into the unknown-  so you can courageously embrace your magnificent life.

Join us as we travel to energetically charged locations around the globe – with retreats designed to stimulate your mind, body and senses.  Recent retreats have included: Bali, Indonesia; Sedona, Arizona and Central Coast, California.  We have a Resiliency Retreat scheduled in Isla Mujeres, Mexico for February 2018 and are currently planning future retreats in Sedona, Arizona; New Zealand and Costa Rica.

Hear what participants have shared:

“Carrie takes travel to a whole other level.” M.C.

“If you are ready and willing to explore new vistas, both internally as well as externally, then Carrie Asuncion is your “tour guide”.  I recently had the privilege of being on a women’s retreat that she led in Bali, and thanks to Carrie, I made connections with others, had insights, and experiences that I never would have had on my own.  Her adventurous spirit helped me go well beyond my own limitations and I am very grateful to her for that.  She is strong, insightful, and unafraid, and that is a winning combination.”  E.B.

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Plan for Success: Get What You Want

Hello Friend,

Isn’t life FULL? Doesn’t it feel like time is speeding up and more and more “responsibilities” are being dumped on your already full plate?

You hope and pray that something puts it all in perspective at some point of the day but you end up feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled.

This is what I’ve experienced myself and yet. . .
I’m able to make all work out and find time for a life that I love.

Learn 3 powerful secrets to GET WHAT YOU WANT- $$, Influence, Impact

business, money, finance, people and gesture concept – smiling woman with dollar cash money pointing finger on you over blue background

Mark your calendar for
Tuesday, December 13th at 6-7pm

Here’s the link to join the live Webinar:
Join from your PC or Mac: Click here for Webinar!

Or Telephone: Dial: 408-638-0968 (US Toll)

I’ll be sharing with you tools that I’ve paid thousands of dollars to learn and years to master. And you can try out for fr*e:
You’ll learn:
* 3 mistakes that professionals often make that hold them back
* Powerful actions to get clear on your 2017 goals
* Simple yet profound tools to add more meaning to your life.

In summary, you’ll capture powerful tools that help you gain perspective, so you choose where to invest your time & energy and get control over your life.

These are tools that have allowed me to be a busy mother, friend, community member *and* create a business and life that I love.

Working in the classroom in Bali, Indonesia

Join us Tuesday night at 6pm PST to make this your best year ever! Put yourself back in the drivers seat of your life -so you can live with greater purpose, empowerment and pleasure.

To your health, wealth & abundance!


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Power of Gratitude

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. Gratitude makes sense of our
past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

~Melody Beattie

In this hustle bustle world that we live in, isn’t it interesting that when we pause to give thanks and express heartfelt appreciation that whatever we appreciate expands and shows up more frequently in our lives?

I was recently challenged by a particularly negative person. I was starting to get a little put off, until I shifted my attention to how grateful I am for this person- the unique gifts that they share with me and the world. Miraculously, as I felt greater appreciation, the other person became less of a bother. Have you ever noticed that whatever you focus on,
life mirrors back to you? The more I am grateful for my friends’ love and support, the more love and support I find reflected in my life.

Join me in asking- *”What am I grateful for today?”* And continue to ask
this question as a daily practice and watch to see what “miracles” happen
in your life.

Happy appreciating!

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