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8760 hours – How will you spend them?

We all have the same 8760 hours in a year. . .

Have you ever wondered how the super achievers get more done and
live life with a greater level of personal satisfaction?

I’ve come to realize that life is an inside out game and that getting clear on what lights you up
(your vision), what’s important to you (your values), and doing what you love (inspired action) are the keys to happiness and productivity.

Vision + Values + Inspired Action = Happiness & Productivity

People have frequently asked “how are you so happy?”
& “how are you able to get so much done?”
You have a growing family, a successful business and a wide array of friends and social commitments  .. The trick is getting really clear about what’s important- so that life opens up in fantastic ways.

Every morning I wake up, and the first thing I do is give thanks -for my life, for my healthy body, and for my family & friends and their love. . .

Then, before I jump out of bed:
* I write out what I am grateful for? (this makes way for my brain to search for more goodness)
* What are my top 3 actions to take today in alignment with my vision and goals?
(Hint- this triggers a google search box in my brain and aligns the right resources to come my way) &
* Who do I get to be as I show up today? – i.e. “I am a vibrantly abundant, passionate Goddess”.

This helps me to meet the day and be clear on what serves my highest good so I that I can spend my precious time and energies doing things that bring me joy- including being of service and aligning with my what’s most important.

So what are you grateful for?

What are your top inspired actions for this week? 

And who do you get to be?

And what would it look like/ feel like as you are creating this life/ biz that lights you up? How would your days and weeks unfold?  ie. I feel grateful to be able to help high achieving women create businesses that they love while being profitable, impactful and joyfilled.

If you feel like this is still a little fuzzy, or you feel stuck and unclear on your next inspired steps.  Let’s talk!  Click here to schedule time this week!

This is a  powerful opportunity for you to get an alternative perspective, gain some tools and resources
and get a game plan to use your precious 8,760 hours this year.
There’s no obligation. . . Just a chance for you to explore possiblities and next steps.

And if you are already clear- share this with a friend!  I love to be able to help as many high achieving women as possible to light up their lives with purpose, passion and profitability.

Love to you!

Business Success Coach and Mindset Mentor

for Busy, Overwhelmed Business Women

P.S. You are amazing!  Keep living the dream!

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As the 4th of July is around the corner, and I’m contemplating the idea of “freedom” and what it means.  We have so much to be thankful for.  Let’s not take for granted the ability to:

  • Think clearly so that we can imagine what we’d like to create in our lives and go after it!
  • Make decisions that work for the highest good of all (ourself included)
  • Choose how we spend our time, money & resources (so we c0-create a world of health, well-being & prosperity for all)

Some days are easier than others, to remember you are at choice and have the ability & freedom to create a life you love living!

So for those times when you may forget- having a clear picture of a life you’d like to create is imperative!  It offers hope and a blueprint for the right people, circumstances and opportunities to drop into your life.

To guide you through the process of claiming your freedom & deciding for your life TODAY, here is a short 20 minute audio. 

“Choose” what you want to take a stand for & live life with greater freedom!

Happy Independence Day!



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Plan for Success- “Looking Back to Look Forward”

Before building a robust plan for success, it’s helpful to take a look back and review your progress and seek out learning opportunities.

Note that as you do this, you’re not limited to strictly business related metrics.  Life is a balance of multiple factors. Consider the following areas, as you answer the questions:

  • Relationships– personal life, family, friends, community
  • Health & well-being– emotional, mental, physical & spiritual
  • Career & creative expression– growth, expression & service
  • Time & money freedom– ability to follow personal pursuits, create comfort & give abundantly

1) Looking back, what were your biggest achievements/ most memorable moments over the last year?

2) What were some of the wisest decisions you made last year?

3) What are the greatest lessons you have learned over the last year?

4) Looking forward, what do you want to do more of?

5) What do you want to do less of?

6) If you had it to do all over again, what would you do differently?

Stay tuned for next steps to designing your Spectacular New Year!

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