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What’s your life worth?!?

Where can you open to greater possibilities and abundance in your life?

Wanting to tap into greater wealth?
Desiring richer relationships with yourself and others?

I’m not saying I have all the answers but your body does. . 

I recently felt stuck– I was doing everything that I “should be doing” but didn’t feel that I was getting the results I desired. .
and then I realized a deeper knowing
that there was something within me, a blind spot, that if addressed, could
open the doors to receiving even more magic and abundance.

So I called my energy practioner, who’s supported me over the past 15+ years, and found relief, as the spicket of abundance opened back up when I released the anger, sadness, and frustration that I’ve been holding  in my body after  my recent divorce.

It’s all inter-connected.  When I was holding on to the pain of my emotions, it
kinked the hose for the good stuff to flow. 

I share this because – you don’t have to suffer –
There’s a way out of your self-imposed prison of limitation.

If you’ve been experiencing
Unexplained pain in your body?
Difficulty focusing and/or inability to move things forward?
Or a pervasive sadness or numbness in your emotions?

These could be signs that your hose is kinked. . .

It’s your body’s way of screaming for attention!

And like my friend, I’ve been using my intuitive superpowers to help super- achievers like yourself access their inner knowing and revitalize their energy and getting phenomenal results (in their relationships, finances and ease).

Let’s get to the core of what’s dis-stressing you-

by listening to your body’s messages –

so you can live with less stress and more aliveness. 


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You are a Miracle!

I’m deeply grateful that our paths have crossed. . . You are a miracle!

This week I’ve been pondering the quote by Einstein
There are only 2 ways to live your life. . 
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle.

What miracles are you cultivating today?

As a Chief Possibility Officer, I’ve been on the lookout for interesting possibilities to unfold.

I recently got stuck in Phoenix, Arizona on my flight back home from  Atlanta, Georgia.
I could have been angry that I was delayed returning home to Caliifornia, but instead I asked myself –

                                              “how can I make the most of this situation?” 

With only the clothes on my back, and my laptop bag, I decided to visit Sedona, a short 2.5 hour drive from the ariport.   I’d been wanting to return to the beautiful red rocks of Sedona for sometime.(see the pic to the right) . . and this was my chance.  Going with the flow, I spent the next 24 hours on mini-retreat and deepened my connection with a friend who owned a BnB with 30+ medicine wheels, close to the beautiful creek that you see in the picture.

I learned that it’s so much easier to see the miracles, when I slow down enough to appreciate them and ask “what else is possible?”

So pause and ask yourself- “what is my miracle for today?”  

Drop me a line and share what possibilities/ miracles are opening up for you.
(Even if circumstances iniatially look like crap!)

Here’s to your health, wealth and aliveness!


Business Success Coach and Mindset Mentor

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Can I share a secret?

Can I share a secret with you?

At the sake of being too woo woo I’m going to share a powerful process with you that’s helped to keep my sanity over the past 18+ years. It has carried me through my advance degree in Psychology, a divorce, and too numerous to count stressors with work and relationships.

It’s called Body Talk

a holistic approach to balancing your mind and body -to bring you back into balance after experiencing trauma, overwork, and/or prolonged stress. (something we will all experience at some point or another).

I’ve been offering this process to my private clients over the past 5 years- to doctors, healers, and women in high level management positions who want to unlock greater abundance

  • ease in your body
  • clarity in your mind,  and
  • relief from long held traumas that have kept you stuck in overwhelm, distrust and/or confusion.


One of my doctor clients raved

“a very powerful modality for getting to the core issues that often elude the conscious mind”  Shelly B.

Spoiler alert!!  DOING all of the right activities isn’t enough to bring abundance – coming back to your innate wisdom is the key!

After listening deeply to their bodies – clients have experienced:

  • greater trust in themselves & their world
  • opening up to greater financial abundance
  • relief from physical symptoms that have been screaming for attention


I want you to have the freedom to live into your purpose and passion – and be released from the binding chains of stress. Studies have shown that when the body holds persistent stress, this can lead to a cascade of physical issues, not to mention overall dis-ease with life.


Here’s a free sampler  Click here to experience relief!

You’ll find a short video on Cortices- a simple but powerful technique to center yourself- to bring your back into balance so you can think more clearly and de-stress.

A client shared with me “it brought the lights back on”.  What do you have to loose? Here’s to turning on the lights!

And if you find this useful – share it with a friend!

P.S. Please share other powerful tools you use to release stress and come back to clarity and wholeness!


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