Time and time again clients and friends ask “What should I do? What’s the right decision?”

All of us have been in this frozen state of indecision at some point in our lives. We could always go with our ‘gut’ feel, or we could ask ourselves a few high level questions and get clearer as to what’s the best path to take. Consider asking:

–       What is for the greatest good of all (ourselves included)?

–       What would I love?

–       What is in alignment with my values?

You could probably just stop at “*What is for the greatest good for all?” “Should I take the road that leads me towards greater fun and connection and serves to create more love and appreciation? Or should I just go for the money? Or the decision that pleases others? (but may not suit my best interest)?”

The next question should be “What would I love?” Just ask yourself what would I like to do/ to have/ to create?  Or how would I like to show up in this circumstance?   To give an example: think of a time when you needed to decide which job or career path to take. Sometimes we use criteria like- “how much money can I make?” and push aside other considerations like our health, our enjoyment and our connection to what really matters to us like time with our family and friends.

A couple of years back as I was figuring out what I wanted to do when I “grow up”, I came to the conclusion that you could pay me lots of money and I still didn’t want to work in a top-down corporate structure. When I asked myself what would I love? I realized I love working from home with work/family balance. I love helping conscious people connect with their dreams and go after them- to help people make quantum leaps in the quality of their lives AND make a healthy sum of money.

I had to ask, “Is this in alignment with my values?” I did some soul searching and found that being of service, autonomy, communicating uplifting messages and being authentic were my most important values. You might value connection, or opportunity for growth, effectiveness, adventure, or simplicity. Find the top 3-4 values that float your boat and apply them to your decision.

Granted sometimes the best action is to wait for the right time, but when you find something that lights you up and ‘fits’ who you are, why wait? Most people when they get to end of their life, don’t wonder how they could have made more money or worked harder at the office, but they ask themselves how they could have made more of a connection or a difference in the lives that they touched.

Go out and TAKE A STAND FOR YOU!  Make a decision that will make a difference in your life and the lives of many. What are you waiting for?

I think the quote by Goethe sums it up, “Whatever you can do or think you can do, begin it. For boldness has magic, power, and genius in it.”

Enjoy the journey!