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Peace and connection!

Wanting to create more peace and understanding in our world?

I’ve noticed that life unfolds with greater ease and joy when I remember to live from a place of appreciation and higher vibe emotions like joy and creativity. And on the flip side of this- sucks when I’m angry and feeling less than connected.

I recently found myself in a difficult spot with my teenage son – to put it bluntly we just weren’t seeing eye to eye, in fact we were on opposing sides.  In deep frustration, I reached for a couple tools I’ve successfully used with teams to help move them forward and thought I’d pass want to share the process with you. .

I asked my son if he’d be willing to play with me and come up with some guidelines and intentions to work together.  We’ve done this as a larger family but not for our new normal- with just the 2 of us. He was game- so we launched into creating our guidelines and asked-
“How can we best work together?”
Here’s what we came up with . . .

If only the world would be willing to embrace these guidelines!!

We also discussed our intentions for our team by answering the question. . .
“What would we like to create together?”

We came up with–
* Love and Caring – (which opened up the bigger question of how do we like to receive and give love? So we took the 5 Love Languages quiz – Click here to explore
Love languages quiz)
* Fun
* Learning
* Continuous improvement (not perfection)

Of course each of these areas could be teased out further. . .

Here’s hoping that we can create a better world – with peace and understanding, with these guidelines and intentions.

Imagine what it would look and feel in our homes, communities and businesses  . . .if we took the time to set out what was most important. . .

Here’s to your health, wealth and prosperity!


Business Success Coach and Mindset Mentor

for Busy Business Women

P.S. If you found this helpful and would like more information- Let’s talk!

I would love to send out ripples of peace and understanding into the world.

Click here to schedule time to talk!

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What are you committed to?  

How could your life reflect more of what you want to DO, BE, HAVE?

TODAY – I am committed to opening up to juicy aliveness and divine guidance as
I take off on spiritual retreat with 2 of my best friends over the next few days in Los Angeles-
to dance, sing, pray, celebrate life, be inspired and meditate to my heart’s delight
as I invite a deeper sense of grace, connectedness and goodness to surface in my life.

Life has a way of lulling you to sleep, . . .
you can spend weeks, months, even years thinking . . .
“Someday” I’ll do my life the way I want it to be,
“Someday” I’ll figure out what really matters,
“Someday” I’ll do that “thing” that I know is mine to do, yet haven’t figured it out yet.


To live in alignment with what’s in your heart and your deepest desires–
even if it’s difficult. .
even if you don’t have it figure all out. .
even if it’s inconvenient. .
or may ruffle feathers . . . or
others may not understand.

Make time for what’s important!


In order for our world to grow and evolve we need each of us to wake up to our divine gifts and share our delight.


Make a commitment to yourself
to live with more joy and aliveness
to ask for what you really want
and be willing to receive your goodness
and expect magic as your life unfolds in miraculous ways.

When you get clear what you’d love
and are willing to ask for and receive your good
Life brings greater juicyness!!

Drop me a note to let me know what’s stirring for you and
how I can best support you . . .

I AM creating . . .
I AM being my authentic self and going for what I love. . 
I AM serving my clients at the highest level by inviting them to  think about themselves and their businesses in new and different ways. . . 

AND it takes guidance-
clarity on your goals and what’s important . . .
wresstling the gremlins of doubts, fears and confusion, . . .
and a gentle reminder that you are on the right path.

Here’s to living with juicy aliveness!

Much love and light!

Business Success Coach and Mindset Mentor

for Busy, Overwhelmed Business Women

P.S. Live TODAY with Love as your guiding force!

Love for yourself, and love or what’s calling you and appreciation for what shows up.

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Let it GO!

I’ve been listening to Tosha Silver’s book – It’s Not YOUR Money $$ about creating even more abundance.  I highly recommend it.

She talks about one of the abundance principals that I’ve known about for some time -the power of releasing stuff to allow a greater sense of abundance to come forth. . .

And Oh my Goddess!  is she right.

I’ve been in a massive purging mode as I prepare to move to a smaller home with my son to a co-housing community up the road in Paso Robles.  I’ve been releasing a lifetime of stuff. . . .

It’s been asking myself-
 “Do I love it?” and if not I LET IT GO! 
furniture, possessions (my old wedding ring), a boatload of papers accumulated over the years and my precious books. . .

As a result of this intense exercise- friends have offered their assistance, clients are calling to get clear and move their businesses forward, and I’m feeling lighter as I take off weight, oh and my dating life is taking off. . .

Could it all be linked!?

I share this so that you can ask yourself “DO I LOVE IT?!”  and
IF NOT- what could let go of that would allow you to experience greater abundance and flow into your life.

Take the DITCH IT challenge!

LET GO of something (or a mountain of things) this week that have been weighing you down!

I look forward to hearing from you- Let me know what shifts for you.

Sending immense gratitude to you for BEING in my life!


Business Success Coach and Mindset Mentor

for Busy, Overwhelmed Business Women

P.S. If you want help figuring out what’s next for you & clearing the mental clutter- let’s talk!

Click here to schedule time to talk!

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Can I share a secret?

Can I share a secret with you?

At the sake of being too woo woo I’m going to share a powerful process with you that’s helped to keep my sanity over the past 18+ years. It has carried me through my advance degree in Psychology, a divorce, and too numerous to count stressors with work and relationships.

It’s called Body Talk

a holistic approach to balancing your mind and body -to bring you back into balance after experiencing trauma, overwork, and/or prolonged stress. (something we will all experience at some point or another).

I’ve been offering this process to my private clients over the past 5 years- to doctors, healers, and women in high level management positions who want to unlock greater abundance

  • ease in your body
  • clarity in your mind,  and
  • relief from long held traumas that have kept you stuck in overwhelm, distrust and/or confusion.


One of my doctor clients raved

“a very powerful modality for getting to the core issues that often elude the conscious mind”  Shelly B.

Spoiler alert!!  DOING all of the right activities isn’t enough to bring abundance – coming back to your innate wisdom is the key!

After listening deeply to their bodies – clients have experienced:

  • greater trust in themselves & their world
  • opening up to greater financial abundance
  • relief from physical symptoms that have been screaming for attention


I want you to have the freedom to live into your purpose and passion – and be released from the binding chains of stress. Studies have shown that when the body holds persistent stress, this can lead to a cascade of physical issues, not to mention overall dis-ease with life.


Here’s a free sampler  Click here to experience relief!

You’ll find a short video on Cortices- a simple but powerful technique to center yourself- to bring your back into balance so you can think more clearly and de-stress.

A client shared with me “it brought the lights back on”.  What do you have to loose? Here’s to turning on the lights!

And if you find this useful – share it with a friend!

P.S. Please share other powerful tools you use to release stress and come back to clarity and wholeness!


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