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It Brought Me to Tears

This month we are focusing on the power of gratitude to up-level your life and business.

Have you noticed that staying in the higher vibration of appreciation makes magic happen?
It lays the field for the right ideas, people, opportunities and just awe inspiring events  to  delight and open us up to greater possibilities.

With that in mind-
I can’t wait to share with you a powerful process that I’ve been playing with called counterfactual thinking.
It’s easier done than explained. but in short it takes gratitude to a whole new level.

If you want the short cut- plug into my weekly Facebook Live on Thursday evening
where we’ll be playing with deeping our sense of gratitude .

Here’s a quick sample – Take a moment to contemplate how fortunate you are and how things could’ve been different if an event or particular person wasn’t in your life. . . Think family, friends, chance encounters, support where or when you didn’t expect it.

My appreciation exponentially grows, when I think about the deep friendships that have supported me through my most difficult times (like my divorce and that whole transition). . .  and how we were in each other’s life at just the right time and provided the mutual support we all needed and how life could have been sooooo different if my friends weren’t there.  It makes me tear up with gratitude and my heart open even more. (if that’s possible!!) to contemplate how we mutually supported each other in just the right way through it all. . .

So where are you in gratitude for life showing up in miraculous ways to support you?

Again thank you for being in MY life!

Here’s to your health, wealth and aliveness!


Business Success Coach and Mindset Mentor

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Grateful for you!

Grateful for YOU! 
and your ability to live, thrive and connect to what light’s you up!

I’m having so much fun with gratitude and appreciation this month….

Did you know that just 5 minutes of gratitude journaling each day can have a huge impact  on your life?

Studies have shown that gratitude helps with health and well-being and being a better manager – helping you network, increase productivity and decision making and increases optimism and resiliency too (and who couldn’t use a little more of that??)

In essence, it sets our perception filter so we are on the look out for more good. . .
How powerful is that?!

And even though I’m the eternal optimist- this is a great reminder that there’s always good to be had.

You may already have an active gratitude practice, and yet consider playing with a couple of the prompts I use every morning from Jeanna Gabelinni’s Prosperity Principles. They have powerfully transformed my life. .

* List 5 pieces of evidence that you are on the right path. . . 
For example, last week, I was appreciating that I have clients who love the work that we are doing and
generously refer clients to me.

* List 5 things that you appreciate about your life & biz. . . 
-Last week I was appreciating that I get to work with bright, motivated, conscious men and women
who are making the world a better place.
-And I can be of service and make good money working flexible hours that allow me to indulge in self care
practices- regular exercise, massages, and dinners with friends and business associaties.

What are you appreciating?  
And what are “God’s breadcrumbs” that are showing you you’re on the right path?


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What are you choosing?

Have your been holding yourself back from taking inspired action in your life?

Over the past week, I’ve been talking to a few clients about the importance of taking action and choosing a path.  Frequently I see clients get caught up in one of 3 patterns:
“I don’t know where to start” – with an abundance of ideas and wanting to pick the “right” one
stuck in “analysis paralysis” -not willing to move things forward for fear of not having it all figured out or
“perfectionism” -wanting to pick just the right words or actions – afraid of being judged
Can you relate?
Here’s the thing-

Inspired Action is the point of commitment!  

Action allows you to learn tons along the way, including what your really made of.  And let’s face it -it’s not going to look exactly how  you imagined it would anyway (life has a way of throwing in some spice!! or learning opportunities).

What’s holding you back from making a move?
Let’s commit to taking inspired action to move your life and biz forward.

If you are already clear and confident- what are your top 2 initiatives this week?

Here’s to your health, wealth and aliveness!


Business Success Coach and Mindset Mentor

PS.  If you’d prefer personalized attention in moving things forward – contact me at 805-305-9255 and we’ll schedule time to talk.  I’d like to gift you with a 30 min “complementary” Super Charge Your Life Consult designed for us to get to know each other better and offer recommendations to enjoy clarity and confidence in your business.

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Get Unstuck!

Powerful tools to tap into your creativity, ideas and passion!
Watch this 5 min video. . . 

Has a sense of lack gotten you down?

Wanting more money, time and resources? 

It’s tricky to create more, when you are feeling less than abundant.

I’ve been working on my own desire for more time in my week (there’s just so much to do. .).

And seeing clients who want to create more financial abundance.

Some of the first few questions I ask are:

What’s most important to you?  What are your values and desires?

Who do you get to be as you are creating your abundance (ie. I am a passionate catalyst for tapping into abundance).  

What are you most grateful for? 

When you are feeling less than abundant- gremlins of doubt, fear and/or confusion surface and put your brain into fight or flight mode (or what I call lock down). In this state it is difficult to:

  • be creative
  • see and celebrate your wins, and
  • see a clear path that leads to your abundance.
  • And you begin to second guess yourself- and ask “am I on the right path?”

One of the most powerful tools to overcome this state of lack and indecision is to do a heartstorming process that re-activates your passion, creativity and belief in yourself.  It’s kind of like brainstorming, but activates your heart- which is thousands of times more electrically charged than your brain (potent untapped energy).

Check out the short video above, that I created for you to tap into ideas for your next steps. . .

The steps are basically:

  • Get clear about what you want to create.
  • Go to your heartspace by connecting to a space of love and appreciation
  • Ask “how can I create . . .?”
  • Tune into your senses and listen to your heartfelt messages- no editing.
  • Write them down, and pick your top 1-2 ideas.
  • Create a plan to move you the right direction over the next 24 hours (note you may need to break it down into bite size pieces).

Committing to a plan is the point of decision where you step out and test the waters, and more pieces of the puzzle can be revealed.
This is just one of the powerful tools that are available to guide you to your brilliance and

help you access your answers and

creatively engage your thinking capabilities

so you can see possibilities for yourself and your business that you couldn’t previously imagine.

Ahhhh!  Clarity! and Action!

If you found this helpful- please share with a friend!

Here’s to your health, wealth and aliveness!


Business Success Coach and Mindset Mentor

for Busy, Overwhelmed Business Women

P.S.  Here’s to your abundance!

If you’d like a personalize plan of action contact me this week!  I’ve set aside 5 complementary Supercharge your Life consults to activate you and your business with greater ease and abundance!   I believe in you!

Click here to schedule your free personalized consult!

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