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What are you choosing?

Have your been holding yourself back from taking inspired action in your life?

Over the past week, I’ve been talking to a few clients about the importance of taking action and choosing a path.  Frequently I see clients get caught up in one of 3 patterns:
“I don’t know where to start” – with an abundance of ideas and wanting to pick the “right” one
stuck in “analysis paralysis” -not willing to move things forward for fear of not having it all figured out or
“perfectionism” -wanting to pick just the right words or actions – afraid of being judged
Can you relate?
Here’s the thing-

Inspired Action is the point of commitment!  

Action allows you to learn tons along the way, including what your really made of.  And let’s face it -it’s not going to look exactly how  you imagined it would anyway (life has a way of throwing in some spice!! or learning opportunities).

What’s holding you back from making a move?
Let’s commit to taking inspired action to move your life and biz forward.

If you are already clear and confident- what are your top 2 initiatives this week?

Here’s to your health, wealth and aliveness!


Business Success Coach and Mindset Mentor

PS.  If you’d prefer personalized attention in moving things forward – contact me at 805-305-9255 and we’ll schedule time to talk.  I’d like to gift you with a 30 min “complementary” Super Charge Your Life Consult designed for us to get to know each other better and offer recommendations to enjoy clarity and confidence in your business.

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Do You Love Your Job?

Have you been wondering: “How can I be of GREATER SERVICE?”

Wishing you had a job that reflects what you LOVE?

Feeling like “SOMEDAY I’ll figure out?”- but that someday never comes!

Then you are in the right place.

I’ve been an intense seeker all of my life and I’ve had these same questions.

And I’ve finally got to a place in my career that I can honestly say:”I love what I do!”  I get to opportuntiy to make a difference in the lives of many, have an opportunity to be constantly learning  AND I get paid well for it.  And I want this for YOU too!

The first step is to create a blueprint – get a clear picture of what you want your career to look and feel like.

If I have your interest, listen in to this recent call I did with a group of mid-career professionals, who want to make a bigger impact.

And when you are done, tell me what stood out for you and what YOUR NEXT STEPS are to move your life forward with greater passion, purpose and aliveness!

Better yet, contact me at carrie@keystoempowerment.com to schedule your private, complimentary Break Through Consultation call, where we will figure our your next inspired moves and see if if makes sense to work together.  In this way, you’ll be one of those lucky people who can say “I’m living life with purpose, passion and aliveness!”

To Your Health, Wealth & Prosperity!

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Choose a Career that Lights You Up!

Have you been wondering what’s next for you and your career?

Have a deep desire to connect to what’s really important to you?

Been wanting to make a bigger impact, a bigger difference?

I’m constantly asking myself these questions.

And I ask myself – “How can I tune into what’s most important to me right now?”  and “How can I use my God-given talents and passions to create a more conscious world?”

I’ve asked these questions (and many others) over the years, and developed some powerful tools of my own for gaining clarity.  I’ve decided to share these  with you- to help YOU CHOOSE a path to career and financial success.

If you can relate, (and have had the same craving I’ve had to make a bigger splash) read on. . .

I’ve found that the first step is to:

  • Pay attention to what light you up- to follow where the spark is
  • To ask – “what makes you come alive?’
  • To notice- “What brings you greater joy, connection, openness, and a sense of accomplishment or contribution?”

I’ve help countless individuals choose for themselves. And I want to share some of these impactful tools with you.

If you’d like to know your first steps, then listen to this 40 minute recording that guides you to figuring out what’s next for you.


And Connect to your Personal Path to Career & Financial Success.

Join me at:  http://bit.ly/BringYourZing

Enjoy the ride-  Here’s to making a difference a bigger splash & a greater difference!

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As the 4th of July is around the corner, and I’m contemplating the idea of “freedom” and what it means.  We have so much to be thankful for.  Let’s not take for granted the ability to:

  • Think clearly so that we can imagine what we’d like to create in our lives and go after it!
  • Make decisions that work for the highest good of all (ourself included)
  • Choose how we spend our time, money & resources (so we c0-create a world of health, well-being & prosperity for all)

Some days are easier than others, to remember you are at choice and have the ability & freedom to create a life you love living!

So for those times when you may forget- having a clear picture of a life you’d like to create is imperative!  It offers hope and a blueprint for the right people, circumstances and opportunities to drop into your life.

To guide you through the process of claiming your freedom & deciding for your life TODAY, here is a short 20 minute audio. 

“Choose” what you want to take a stand for & live life with greater freedom!

Happy Independence Day!



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