The grind of the pandemic have many asking:
  • What’s important in my life? 
  • How can I simplify things & let go of what no longer serves me? 
  • How do I nurture myself,  so that I stay healthy?
These questions came home to me recently, when I tested positive for Covid.  After going into
“oh crap!” mode, I decided to use this unplanned downtime to reflect on what’s important .
A few years ago, I remember running so fast that I found it difficult to pause and reflect, exhausted from the grind of juggling my busy household- kids, husband, business and a variety of board responsibilities and community projects.
Life had a momentum of it’s own…
and often I felt like I was at the whim of whatever “fire” needed to be put out at the moment.
Being in stress mode, day in and day out was not sustainable… And after dealing with adrenal fatigue, thankfully I’ve found ways to tap into daily rituals that allow me to live with greater balance and focus- ways that allow me to choose how I spend my time and serve clients that I love,  doing what I love.
I’m so grateful for this clarity.  And as a result of those stressful moments, I’ve amassed a number of powerful tools to help my clients and I live with greater balance and purpose.
In a very short time, I help clients get really clear on what’s important, and help them let go of the distractions that get in the way of living a truly joy-filled life.
The key is to bring your life back into focus….
So if you’ve been feeling spun out .. too busy to stop and enjoy life … Let’s talk!
It doesn’t need to be that way…
Pause and ask yourself:
  • Am I living a life that I love? 
  • Where do I find joy?
  • What am I tolerating? 
If you struggle with these questions, then let’s find a time to talk.  I’m offering 30 minute over the phone SuperCharge Your Life Consults over the next week to the first 5 people who reach out.
By the way, no need to worry,  even though I have the dreaded Covid,  it’s thankfully been like a mild cold and given me a chance to stay home and do spring cleaning… No sailing this weekend!
Let me know how I can best support you in creating a meaningful life that you love!